6 Ways to Notice the Beauty of Life and Live Better

Let’s start off this blog with a feel-good article. Since this is mainly focusing on Lifestyle, Photography, Graphics, and beauty of the world, why not talk about LIFE itself first? With our daily errands and responsibilities, most of the time we forget to appreciate the beauty of the world that is right in front of us. We rounded up some ways to help you notice the simple beauty of life and live better.

1. Know the Definition of “Beautiful Life” To You

We all have our own definition of a beautiful life. But most of us might be defining it the wrong way. We would define it as being rich, owning all the material things we ever wanted, being able to spend freely and having no worries. If this is how you define a beautiful life, then you might have a hard time seeing the beauty of life. You may be impatient since life comes with struggles.

two girls beautiful life

Rather, we should know that life isn’t just about the desired material things. An important aspect of life is seeing and feeling the love around. Knowing that you have family, friends, or a lover who appreciates you, can keep you moving as you go through the struggles on the way to your goals. A beautiful life is knowing that the simplest things are what matters MOST.

2. Appreciate Where You Are and the Small Things

girl working appreciate life

Always appreciate where you are in life right now. Whether you are working your way up that dream position, or just started with a small startup, just became a parent – simply appreciate the “now”. Appreciate everything that is happening to you, even the struggles – because, without them, it would be impossible for us to have a deeper understanding of life. Appreciation is key, people!

3. Be Aware of Your Blessings and be Thankful

friends laughing beautiful life

We might not know it, but there are a lot of blessings in disguise that has happened to us. Some things happened so we could be led to a better path. So, for every blessing, or any good that is happening to us, know well how to appreciate them. Knowing you are blessed automatically makes you thankful – and having a thankful heart will help you appreciate life more and make you happier!

4. Be a Lifelong Learner

guy reading in the library learning

ALWAYS learn something new EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Believe me, this will help you improve and open your mind to a deeper understanding. You will notice that there’s a lot to know about and slowly you’ll feel fascinated with this vast knowledge you can learn. And learning something new will help maintain any level of success. Having a wide range of knowledge will make you extraordinary – which in turn will make you feel good!

5. Forgive and Mend a Relationship

mother kissing daughter forgiving

It’s natural to have conflicts, fight, quarrels, and misunderstanding with people. But don’t allow this to carry on longer. If it’s not for the other person, then just do it for yourself to release that heavy feeling. This will make you feel a lot better and refreshed. And besides, having a misunderstanding with someone can also lead to a stronger relationship.

6. Travel. Travel. Travel

people planning a travel with map

I cannot stress this enough. But we’ve all experience going to an unfamiliar place and feeling that magical, happy vibe. Putting yourself in a wondering and exploring state can vastly open your mind. Especially when you go for out of the country trips – this will definitely expose you to new cultures, perspectives, the way of living and more. You’ll also slowly learn how to love the difference of each people coming from different places.

Don’t forget to take pictures when you travel! Pictures are one of the best ways to take you back to that wonderful feeling you felt during that trip.

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