Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

With energy costs rising and environmental consciousness at an all-time high, it is more important than ever to discover ways to minimize our energy usage to protect the earth and also cut our energy expenses. Households that upgrade their appliances to a more energy efficient ones save tens of billions of dollars every year, and even without going to such a great extent, there are simple adjustments we can make that when applied together make a sizable impact.

Upgrade to LED’s

Nearly 10% of our energy usage is allocated to lighting. Although the traditional incandescent bulbs emit a nice yellow light which we are all familiar with, they are very inefficient compared to their LED counterparts. Although LED’s are more expensive to purchase, replacing your light bulbs with LED’s can save you $100 a year on your energy costs.

Unplugging unused appliances

Most people may not be aware of this, but unused appliances left connected to a power source will continue to use power, although at a lower rate. This applies to rechargeable devices that have been fully charged, as well as any electronic appliances that are turned off. Some easy steps you can take to bypass this is to unplug your devices once they are fully charged, and also remember to turn off any power strips that are supplying power to devices that are not in use. (Funnily enough, this tip came from my general contractor when he was working on my house.  Thanks, Keith!)

Seal your windows

Households that have cold air leaking in during the winter often have obvious signs from which it comes from- whether they be drafty windows, or windows that are left ajar to allow for cords to pass through. At the same time, if the insulation panel for your AC doesn’t offer a tight fit, you are effectively cooling the outside air. Consider investing in weatherstripping as a cost-effective way to keep your home insulated during intense weather.

Next steps

Once you have carried these steps, you may be wondering where to go from here. Your best bet would be to reach out to a certified energy home auditor to have a comprehensive energy usage assessment for your house. They will do a thorough inspection and will notify you of all the recommendations you can make to further cut cost on your energy bills.  

Surprising Benefits Of A Clean and Organized Home

Your home is where you are mostly like to be. Since it is the place where you go to after school, work, errands, and other personal activities, it is the best place for you to rest, be calm, relax, and do anything you want to do. But it doesn’t mean that your home is safe for you, if you have a filthy home, you could have a lot of disadvantages. So clean your home generally often to shove away those disadvantages and obtain those surprising benefits.

Reduce stress

Have you ever experienced looking for an item in your home but couldn’t find it because your house is so unorganized and a lot of obstacles are in your way, keeping you out of areas where you can find it? If that happens to you, it administers frustration, making you stressed out. From now on, you will want to avoid that. Clean and organize your home often so your home will always be free of any obstacles, not making it hard for you to look for things.

Diminish mold

Mold are unwanted fragments that grow in your home. It is really not nice to have mold in your house since it gives your home a distasteful appearance, it could also cause you fatal health problems. Molds grow in dark, damp, humid, and wet places, so avoid having those type of environment in your home, since it will be a breeding ground for molds. If you often clean your home and make sure that every corner is dry, you will reduce and as well as, eliminate molds in your home.

Reduces allergies

Mold, dust mites, pet dander, and other unclean particles can trigger allergic reactions and irritations. If we don’t clean our homes often, we will have those unclean particles build up in our home, making us have allergic reactions and irritations repeatedly. But if we often perform general cleaning in our home, we will eradicate those unwanted particles, making us free from allergies and irritations.  It also helps to have a great exterminator available to help you. 

Worth the time spent

We often feel bored at home, and what we do is just go to our social media sites, browse the internet, play our mobile games and do the cycle again and again. Instead of doing that, drop everything and get your cleaning materials and start cleaning your home. Make use of your time to clean and organize your home, then eventually you will realize that cleaning your home is worth your time.

Boost your mood

If you have a filthy, unorganized, and distasteful home, drives negative energy into your body. But if you clean and organize your home, you will be able to feel a sense of accomplishment, which draws positive energy into your body, then eventually if you see your home clean, neat, smooth, and organized, it adds more positive energy to you boosting your mood and making your home a positive environment.

Ways Photography Can Affect Our Lives

We all love capturing everything that happens in our life especially fun, happy, and joyful moments so we can reminisce on them and feel the feelings we felt on that day and moment of where and when it was taken. Photography can affect us mentally and socially.


Photography will make us want to travel up to the point of traveling the whole world since we will be in love with capturing beautiful sites and show people the places where you have been at. You will want to travel because you are excited and thrilled with what things, events, or scene you might stumble upon on when you travel.

Enhance your focusing ability

Focusing is part of photography but not just for you to focus your camera on the subject but you yourself to focus on things. Focusing on what subject to take, focusing on the time or perfect time to capture the perfect moment. To focus on being steady for capturing the subject or the scene at the perfect angle. The focus that photography has gifted you, can be enhanced to the point of just focusing on some aspects of your life.

Acquire connection

Photography can give you the opportunity to acquire new friends and it is also a great way to meet new people and socialize with them – especially if you are to capture a portrait and your subjects become satisfied with the photograph you have captured. Your clients will always remember you as a good photographer and may recommend or introduce you to other clients, which gives you another chance to connect with new people and make new friends.

Extra income

As we take wonderful photographs, many people would view it as a masterpiece especially you yourself. As you post your art online even in online platforms not intending for online selling, there are business owners, writers, or journalists who might contact you and make an offer for your photograph for them to use in some other reason. Photography can make you generate extra income even if that is not your intention. Who would not like extra money coming in your bank account right?

Your perspective of the world

As you take a lot of pictures and as it becomes a hobby, you will learn on how to look at the world differently – like even a very simple event in life can make you think of how beautiful it would be if you captured it. Having photography implanted in your life and making yourself used to it will affect you by making you aware of the things in life surrounding you everywhere, anytime, and anywhere.

It builds your confidence

When taking photographs and posted it online, especially the good ones, a lot of people would see and react to your photo. Your connection with them sending you good vibes and positive energy encourages you to have confidence not by capturing your photo but by sharing wonderful stories in one picture to the world. It boosts your confidence not only in photography, but in life.

Achieving happiness

Ones you have attained appreciation from others it makes us happy, learning that a simple photograph can be appreciated by many. You will feel appreciation which will drive positive energy to you placing you in a positive made and making you a happy person. Photography may just be a simple performance, but it can affect you in a lot of ways.

Get a 360 for your business!

Getting a Google Trusted Photographer is one of the best ways to help your business. They will come to your establishment and shoot 360 degree pictures to show the world not just what it looks like, but how it feels to actually be there.  These pictures are also highly prized by Google, so they can also help you with your rankings.  Here is an internet marketing service that does a great job with 360 pics.  Call them to come and tomorrow you will reap the benefits!

5 Ways to Become A Successful Saver

If you want to see big results in your savings, you have to give it time, hard work, and discipline – unless you win a lottery. And, achieving comfortable savings doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a six-figure account – wise spending, discipline, and focus are just needed. Although, aiming for a six-figure income will make your savings bigger in a shorter period of time, but we will discuss that in another article. For now, here are tips to become a successful saver no matter how much your income is, big or small:

1. Have a Proactive Personality

Acting last minute for a financial emergency will just lead you to what seems like an endless pressure and worry. Start now. Start early. Be consistent. Don’t wait until you make more money. Earning just a little amount isn’t an excuse for you to not start saving at least a little percentage of it. Even just by starting small and being consistent can become a habit- which then makes it easier for you to save more of your money in time.

2. Prioritize Your Needs

Spend on your essentials first. Your desires and luxury can wait later. Learn to appreciate simple living and know that saving your money, instead of spending it on unnecessary things, can lead you to a much better life in the future. This is where your patience and resistance to temptation is tested. Work hard, spend on your needs, and spend money on things you love later on.

3. Why Are You Saving?

This is what you need to think and remind yourself of every time you are tempted to buy something unnecessary. Have a reason and make sure to write it down somewhere – then, work backward from there. Think how and what will it take for you to achieve this.

4. Understand Your Struggle

We come up with endless reasons why we aren’t able to save money. A lousy-paying job, debts with growing interests, a high cost of living, and many more. Determine what keeps you struggling, and from there you can come up with creative solutions that will help you deal with them. It’s not the end of the world for you and you still can go pass through your struggles. Just do your best, stop procrastinating, and start brainstorming for solutions.

5. Learn more and sharpen your money skills

The human mind can never stop evolving and growing. Learn more money management skills with finance references such as books, online articles, videos, or talk to professional financial advisors. Constant intake of ideas from other people can shape your thinking, change how you perceive money, and help you improve in terms of your saving skills.

6 Ways to Notice the Beauty of Life and Live Better

Let’s start off this blog with a feel-good article. Since this is mainly focusing on Lifestyle, Photography, Graphics, and beauty of the world, why not talk about LIFE itself first? With our daily errands and responsibilities, most of the time we forget to appreciate the beauty of the world that is right in front of us. We rounded up some ways to help you notice the simple beauty of life and live better.

1. Know the Definition of “Beautiful Life” To You

We all have our own definition of a beautiful life. But most of us might be defining it the wrong way. We would define it as being rich, owning all the material things we ever wanted, being able to spend freely and having no worries. If this is how you define a beautiful life, then you might have a hard time seeing the beauty of life. You may be impatient since life comes with struggles.

two girls beautiful life

Rather, we should know that life isn’t just about the desired material things. An important aspect of life is seeing and feeling the love around. Knowing that you have family, friends, or a lover who appreciates you, can keep you moving as you go through the struggles on the way to your goals. A beautiful life is knowing that the simplest things are what matters MOST.

2. Appreciate Where You Are and the Small Things

girl working appreciate life

Always appreciate where you are in life right now. Whether you are working your way up that dream position, or just started with a small startup, just became a parent – simply appreciate the “now”. Appreciate everything that is happening to you, even the struggles – because, without them, it would be impossible for us to have a deeper understanding of life. Appreciation is key, people!

3. Be Aware of Your Blessings and be Thankful

friends laughing beautiful life

We might not know it, but there are a lot of blessings in disguise that has happened to us. Some things happened so we could be led to a better path. So, for every blessing, or any good that is happening to us, know well how to appreciate them. Knowing you are blessed automatically makes you thankful – and having a thankful heart will help you appreciate life more and make you happier!

4. Be a Lifelong Learner

guy reading in the library learning

ALWAYS learn something new EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Believe me, this will help you improve and open your mind to a deeper understanding. You will notice that there’s a lot to know about and slowly you’ll feel fascinated with this vast knowledge you can learn. And learning something new will help maintain any level of success. Having a wide range of knowledge will make you extraordinary – which in turn will make you feel good!

5. Forgive and Mend a Relationship

mother kissing daughter forgiving

It’s natural to have conflicts, fight, quarrels, and misunderstanding with people. But don’t allow this to carry on longer. If it’s not for the other person, then just do it for yourself to release that heavy feeling. This will make you feel a lot better and refreshed. And besides, having a misunderstanding with someone can also lead to a stronger relationship.

6. Travel. Travel. Travel

people planning a travel with map

I cannot stress this enough. But we’ve all experience going to an unfamiliar place and feeling that magical, happy vibe. Putting yourself in a wondering and exploring state can vastly open your mind. Especially when you go for out of the country trips – this will definitely expose you to new cultures, perspectives, the way of living and more. You’ll also slowly learn how to love the difference of each people coming from different places.

Don’t forget to take pictures when you travel! Pictures are one of the best ways to take you back to that wonderful feeling you felt during that trip.

*most of the content of this article came from our friends at Paramus Day Care who run a fantastic preschool and day care center in Paramus, New Jersey.  Shout out to them!

To reach out to them and find more detailed information, check here: http://bit.ly/paramusDC

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