Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

With energy costs rising and environmental consciousness at an all-time high, it is more important than ever to discover ways to minimize our energy usage to protect the earth and also cut our energy expenses. Households that upgrade their appliances to a more energy efficient ones save tens of billions of dollars every year, and even without going to such a great extent, there are simple adjustments we can make that when applied together make a sizable impact.

Upgrade to LED’s

Nearly 10% of our energy usage is allocated to lighting. Although the traditional incandescent bulbs emit a nice yellow light which we are all familiar with, they are very inefficient compared to their LED counterparts. Although LED’s are more expensive to purchase, replacing your light bulbs with LED’s can save you $100 a year on your energy costs.

Unplugging unused appliances

Most people may not be aware of this, but unused appliances left connected to a power source will continue to use power, although at a lower rate. This applies to rechargeable devices that have been fully charged, as well as any electronic appliances that are turned off. Some easy steps you can take to bypass this is to unplug your devices once they are fully charged, and also remember to turn off any power strips that are supplying power to devices that are not in use. (Funnily enough, this tip came from my general contractor when he was working on my house.  Thanks, Keith!)

Seal your windows

Households that have cold air leaking in during the winter often have obvious signs from which it comes from- whether they be drafty windows, or windows that are left ajar to allow for cords to pass through. At the same time, if the insulation panel for your AC doesn’t offer a tight fit, you are effectively cooling the outside air. Consider investing in weatherstripping as a cost-effective way to keep your home insulated during intense weather.

Next steps

Once you have carried these steps, you may be wondering where to go from here. Your best bet would be to reach out to a certified energy home auditor to have a comprehensive energy usage assessment for your house. They will do a thorough inspection and will notify you of all the recommendations you can make to further cut cost on your energy bills.